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​Walking Canes and Progressive Rock Bands

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No doubt many of you are still getting over the recent passing of Gregg Allman, we feel your pain. You could lock yourself in your home and spend your days with the curtains closed listening to your collection of classic rock on vinyl, or you could come to the realization that there are still several bands from the 1960s and 1970s active, alive and touring this summer.

There are any number of bands from the original psychedelic music era and classic rock eras out there touring as we are writing this post. And even though they are in the autumn of their careers, except Keith Richards, who is in the late winter of his career, they are playing as well as ever and sound great live and alive.

So stop feeling sorry for yourself, grab your walking stick and go see a few of these bands this summer and you will be glad you did. Just be careful not to break your hip while trying to bust a move when the Beach Boys play Good Vibrations.

Beach Boys

That’s right, the Beach Boys will be touring this summer and will be playing at a venue near you.

Their 50th Anniversary Tour is a concert millions of fans who span multiple generations don’t want to miss. For five decades, the Beach Boys have performed and recorded music that has become our soundtrack to summer.

Perhaps Good Vibrations are really forever.

Steve Miller Band

Call him a joker, call him a smoker or call him Maurice, call Steve Miller what you will but he will be out touring this summer and hopes you will be there.

The Steve Miller Band formed in 1966 fronted by its namesake who also handles the lead vocals and guitar. They are best known for several 1970s hits that are still staples of classic rock radio, but in the early years, they briefly explored acid rock.

The Moody Blues

The Moody Blues are an English rock band who first came to prominence in the late 1960s playing rhythm and blues and would eventually establish themselves as pioneers in progressive rock.

It was their second album, Days of Future Past, which quickly became a landmark concept album that produced internationally known singles as Go Now and Nights in White Satin.


Yes, Yes is on tour this summer and it is a show you just have to see. While many of the original members have moved on, you can still enjoy Steve Howe’s guitar riffs and the drum beat of Alan White.

Yes remains one of the most successful and influential progressive rock bands and have sold more than 13 million records. Go see them if you have the chance.

Alice Cooper

If you like a little shock in your rock show, go online and buy yourself a few tickets to see Alice Cooper.

Ay 69. Alice doesn't jump around on stage as much as he did in the 1970s, but give him credit for touring at his advanced age. Seriously, it’s a show you will want to see.

The best part about attending any of these shows in knowing that you won't be the only one holding yourself up with a walking cane while raising your fist and saluting these iconic bands.

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