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Wooden Canes and Workouts for People with Limited Mobility

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Having chronic pain or being disabled and having to use a wooden cane can make exercising a little more difficult, but certainly not impossible. Sure, there are going to be some days when you wake up and don't even feel like leaving the bed, but that is the same even for young and healthy people.

One thing you will learn when you begin exercising is that even short bouts of fitness start to add up. You might want to start your fitness journey with a visit to your doctor or physical therapist to get your options.

If cost isn't a concern, you could join your local gym and hire a personal trainer to get you the best possible workout. If you hate gyms, many of us do, you can still hire a personal trainer to come to your home or some other location for your workouts.

A personal trainer or physical therapist will work with equipment like stability balls, exercise bands and very light weights so you can get the most out of your workouts.

There are also many types of exercise machines you could invest in. Even something as simple as a stationary bike will give you a good workout whenever you want. There are also workout gadgets available for those who have limited mobility, like the arm cycle for example.

Swimming is always a good choice when considering ways to get exercise. The buoyancy is great because it takes the weight off of your joints, and even people who walk with a cane fare very well in the water.

If cost is a concern, you can visit your local senior center as many have pools for public use. You can also do these easy exercises.

Chair Dancing

Turn on some music, it doesn't matter what type of music, just something that you enjoy. You might want to avoid any too heavy though, like death metal. Sit on a chair or stability ball and move to the groove!

You can wave your arms about, bank your head up and down and make figure eights while tapping your feet. Most importantly, have fun while you get your exercise.

These movements help strengthen the body and improve your mobility. Mix in some ankle weights or resistance bands to enhance the workout.


Aerobic Cleaning

Once again, put on some music, something catchy that you can whistle to. Grab your vacuum or a broom or even a duster and do some good old house cleaning.

You will want to start off slow, it might take you an hour to sweep a room and the need for a couple of breaks, but in the end, you will be able to conquer it is less time and no breaks.

Roller Chair Workout

Find an open area without carpet, sit in a desk chair with wheels, crank up some tunes and propel yourself around the area. Make sure you are moving both your arms and your legs. In no time, you will find your endurance has built up quite a bit. 

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