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​Set Down Your Walking Cane and Enjoy a Blast from the Past

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Baby boomers are a hardy bunch of folks indeed. They grew up riding in vehicles without toddler seats, walked to school unsupervised and ate lunches full of preservatives and allergens. They also played with toys that were so dangerous you could be killed. No kidding

Fun and games weren't always fun and games, especially if as a kid, you got a hold of the wrong toy. There is a long list of toys from the past that through oversight, bad manufacturing or just plain stupidity have hurt children in real life.

You are more than likely to recognize at least a couple of these toys and you may even have owned one or two. So have a seat, set down your walking cane and enjoy a blast from the past with this list of dangerous toys.

Cabbage Patch Dolls

The Cabbage Patch Snacktime doll seems all too innocent enough. Their mission was to be a lunchtime companion to kids by encouraging picky eaters to eat what was in front of them. However, they backfired tremendously.

These dolls were manufactured with the ability to chew, which is cool up to a point. You see, a doll doesn't care what it eats, so anything near the mouth was munched by these adorable dolls including body parts and hair. Ouch!

Sky Dancers

Sky Dancers came in the form of fairies, dolphins and winged ponies and were designed to propel through the air when you pulled their cord chargers. Unfortunately, there was no way to control their flight and they would up sailing through the air willy-nilly, with no care in the world.

There were nearly 200 reports of the dolls striking children and causing injuries that included facial lacerations and scratched corneas.

Atomic Energy Lab

Believe it or not, the Atomic Energy Lab was a real thing released in 1951 and yes, it did include real radioactive materials.


Moon Shoes

Moon shoes were a product of the 1970s that were quickly pulled from shelves. Why? Because mini trampolines on your feet made with sharp pieces of metal can be dangerous. Really, what could go wrong?

Lawn Darts

Most people are familiar with lawn darts. They are oversized darts that were made from pieces of solid metal that you would throw through the air to hit a target. Needless to say, there was some danger in playing this game.

Before they were banned in 1988, lawn darts were responsible for over 7,000 injuries.


When you mix slippery plastic, water and hard plastic spikes that hold it in place, you have the potential for a disaster. Most Slip-N-Slide injuries involved adults as their height and weight made slips and falls more dangerous.

Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

Basically, this was a metal toothpaste tube filled with a colorful plastic substance that you squeezed into a ball and placed on the end of a straw. You then blew it into a balloon-like sphere which was more durable than a soap bubble but more fragile than a rubber balloon.

The downfall was the fact that one of the main ingredients was ethyl acetate, a solvent used in nail polish remover. That is a serious health risk right there.  

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