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​Walking Canes and Other Items Real Men Own

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You are a grown up now and it is time you owned grown-up things. No longer should your Xbox or Bronco football jersey be your most prized possessions. It’s time to toss the high-top Adidas in favor of a sweet pair of Chukka boots. You need to lose the cheesy braided bracelet and replace it with a Rolex. And you need to own a walking cane for The Walking Cane Store.

There are items you love, there are items you need and there are items that you just need to own because they are things no real man would be without. Deep down, you have a kind of instinct, perhaps a scent, for what makes a man a man. And by now, you should know it isn’t a gaming system, big truck or autographed jersey.

When you own something special, you consider the way in was thoughtfully crafted, the smell of it or its intended use. These are the important items you need to own.

Chef’s Knife

Every man needs to own a chef’s knife that is not the one from the set you get as a wedding gift. A good chef’s knife is an investment and replaces those cheap knives you have been using for years. Maximize your culinary skills with a quality chef’s knife.


A Tailored Suit

Every adult male needs to have at least one really nice suit that properly fits for those special occasions. We are thinking the ladies agree with this as well.

A Leather Belt

Here is a general man-law that should be followed: If your pants have belt loops, wear a belt. And don't be satisfied throwing on some cheap belt with faux studs, buy a high-quality leather belt and show the world you are a real man.

A Wallet

You are too classy just to shove everything in your pockets. Just remember to skip over the giant wallet with the skull imprint and chain in favor of a smaller leather wallet that is plain, simple and classy looking.

A Nice Watch

While a Rolex or a Tag Heuer would be ideal, not everybody can dole out that much cash for a watch. Nevertheless, a real man should own at least one nice watch. You could check the time on your cell phone or tablet, but the classy move is flicking your wrist to gaze upon your luxury watch.

Cast Iron Skillet

This is not a specialty kitchen item that will collect dust in the cupboard. An iron skillet can be used to cook almost everything. And because you never soap it up, everything you cook carries the unique flavor of all of the past eggs and burgers you cooked.

The cast iron skillet is nearly unbreakable, can go in an oven and can be used as weights in a pinch. No man should be without one.

Walking Cane

Every man should own a walking cane, a classy walking cane. And even if you really don't need one to walk with, you can proudly display it in the den or front porch. If you need a cane, check out the wonderful selection at The Walking Cane Store.

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