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​Grab Your Walking Cane and Head to the Pool

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Well, Independence Day has come and passed us by. We do hope you enjoyed the hot weather, barbecued foods and fireworks. Now, the only thing you have to look forward to until early September is weeks and weeks of ridiculously hot weather. Depending on where you live, of course.

Sure, the warmer weather was most welcome after a frigid winter. Since late December, you have been looking forward to temperatures in the 70s and 80s. We are all the same, when it’s too hot out, we wish for cooler weather and when it’s cold out, we wish for warmer weather. We are just wired that way and, well, basically we are a bunch of whiners.

Anyway, things are all fun and games in May and June when the weather was reasonable, but then July stormed in along with temperatures soaring to the 90s and above. And we all hate it.

Well, there isn't really much you can do about it, except to grab your walking cane and head to the nearest place in your neighborhood with sufficient air conditioning.

Here are a few places you can go to cool down.

Swimming Pool

Nothing beats relaxing in a cool pool on a hot day. The only problem is that most of us don't have pools installed in our backyards. That’s fine, there are pools around to be found.

You might be lucky enough to have a pool in your neighborhood, one that welcomes people who have paid their homeowner's dues. Perhaps you have a friend or a relative who lives in a neighborhood with a pool and you aren't above inviting yourself over so you can ride their coattails and cool off in the pool.

If this is not the case, you could log into Facebook and skim people close by who own pools and “friend” them in hopes of getting an invite to their pool.

If all else fails, you will just have to settle for the nearest public pool and the crystal clear, germ-free water it has to offer.

The Library

Pack up a few snacks and something refreshing to drink and head to the nearest public library where you can have your fill of reading material in an air-conditioned building. And as long as you behave yourself, you can sit there all day long.

The Mall

The mall is a great place to relax, eat some Cinnabon goodies and keep cool. You could bring your walking stick and get some exercise walking around the mall as well. Just be careful and don't buy something you don't need. It might be a good idea to leave the credit cards at home.

The Movies

There is nothing more cool and relaxing than catching the mid-afternoon matinee at the local movie theater. If luck is on your side, you might actually see an entertaining movie. If not, then enjoy a nap in the back aisle. Either way, make sure you grab some popcorn and Junior Mints to enjoy for the occasion.

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