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Sumac Tree Root Walking Cane - "Toughen Up"

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"Toughen Up" is very strong, rustic looking cane with a large shaft more than 1.5" in diameter. It has a light golden colored tint, with a smooth finish, frequented with beige and tan streaks and blotches. The large handle is ideal for a big man's grip and has numerous knots and wood grains running through it, giving it some real character. The handle has a large diameter of 2" at the end, and up to 3" where it shaft begins, and is 6.5” long.  It weighs 1 lb. 14 oz.

"Toughen Up" will work well for either a right or left handed grip and has a very straight shaft all the way up to the grip. 

This cane is very strong as it is made from a Sumac root, and is a one-piece wood walking stick.  Remember, these big guys are not manufactured, but grown right here in the USA!  Whether you are taking a stroll in the park, or out for an evening, you'll look and feel great with this powerful stick at your side!   

"Toughen Up" is 37" long, but if you need this cane shortened, you simply remove the rubber tip, use a small hand saw to cut off what you don't need, then push the rubber tip back on.  You may have to "whittle" a bit on the end if the rubber tip does not fit.  (Remember, you cannot add length once it is cut.)  If you feel you cannot cut the cane yourself, take it to your local hardware or home improvement store....they have been great about cutting "wood".  Sorry, we no longer cut these sticks to order.

This cane comes complete with an attached rawhide wrist strap and rubber tip. Another beautiful "one-of-a-kind" creation by "Mother Nature!"

Please....make sure you want a "BIG" walking cane. These are normally too big for ladies!

Note: Because these are natural Sumac Tree-Roots, each handle is a personal preference for the individual. There may be areas you wish were smoother. To adjust, take fine sand paper to smooth out any rough areas. It's easy!

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Sumac Cane - Toughen Up