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​Don't Lose Your Walking Cane

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People are forgetful. They say something and then forget what they said in just a few short minutes, and then repeat what they said because they forgot what they said.

It happens when people are writing as well.

That is, they write about something and then totally forget what they wrote. The process then repeats itself.

People are forgetful. This means that they may forget where they last place their walking cane, which can be very inconvenient when they need to use it.

This can happen to anybody. They are either distracted when setting their cane down or accidentally put it in a place that will be soon forgotten.

One solution to this problem is to buy several canes from The Walking Cane Store. This way, you can lose a cane and have a few backups to use until you find the original. But this solution could prove to be expensive, so we offer other ways in which you can better track your wooden walking canes.


Have Your Cane Engraved

You can have your name and phone number or email address engraved on your cane. While this won't prevent you from losing it in the first place, it will help ensure that when somebody does find your cane, it can be returned to the rightful owner.

If you choose not to have your cane engraved, a printed out address label will do just as well. Unfortunately, this alternative is not the most elegant solution.

Light It Up

If you are prone to leaving your cane lying around and forgetting it, you will take more notice of it if it is lit up. There are many types of mini lights on the market that can be easily attached to your cane.

Place a few lights on your cane and turn them on while you are having dinner at a nice restaurant or waiting at the bus stop, anywhere where it is possible for you to lose your cane. Not only will this help you remember to grab your cane when you leave, others will notice should you get up and walk away without your cane.

Bluetooth Tracker

If you are into high-tech solutions to losing your cane, you will be open to the idea of having a Bluetooth tracker attached to it.

There are many types and styles of Bluetooth trackers that have the ability to track items from your smartphone. So even if you do lose your cane, finding it again is as easy as tracking it on your iPhone.

Wrist Strap

A walking cane with a wrist strap is a walking cane that is difficult to lose. If your cane is attached to your wrist, you can't go anywhere without it. This is an easy and inexpensive solution to losing your cane.

In addition, wrist straps come in a variety of materials and styles including leather, chain link and suede, so they suit your unique tastes.

If you have recently lost your walking cane, come see what we have to offer at The Walking Cane Store.