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Fashionable Walking Canes Make Great Gifts

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Young people are always complaining what a pain it is having to shop for their older relatives. We don't understand why they think shopping for older folks is so difficult, there are any number of gifts you can give an elderly gentleman or lady. For example, any elderly gentlemen would love receiving a fashionable walking cane as a gift. Fashionable walking canes make fabulous gifts.

One thing is for certain, elderly people like ourselves are getting quite fed up with terrible gifts. In most cases, you can categorize the gifts we get into stuff we already have and stuff we really don't need. Here are a few examples.

Stuff We Have

Sure, go ahead and buy that “World’s Greatest Grandpa” coffee mug, because it’s not like we already have 12 of them, so let’s make it a baker’s dozen. But since we simply don't have room for that many coffee mugs, the one you give us will wind up with the rest, in the recycle bin. We would throw it away, but we are earth-friendly people.

And if you are thinking about giving us slippers, bathrobes or other nightwear, just don’t. How many bathrobes does one person need? It’s not like we live in the Playboy mansion. And do you really think older folks don’t ever get dressed? Mix in a pair of True Religion jeans or Jimmy Choo shoes, that would make our day.

We don’t need any more macrame plant holders, quilts, or coffee table books containing nothing but pictures of seascapes and barefoot women, our home is beginning to look like a thrift store. And if you hear an ear-piercing scream, it's because we got yet another gift card to Olive Garden. Like many people, we appreciate real Italian food.

Stuff We Don’t Need

We don’t need silly things like calculators with oversized buttons, an oversized deck of cards with large print or a magnifying glass for reading, that’s what eyeglasses are for you fool. Besides, these gifts are a little insulting.

We don't need gag gifts like talking fish or whoopie cushions. We don’t need a whoopie cushion to make funny noises, nature takes care of that rather well. Talking fish are just plain moronic.

Stuff We Want to Receive as Gifts

Shopping for an elderly relative is simple if you know what they like. One of those vacuums that runs on its own would make a good gift. A good bottle of scotch will always be appreciated. We would love a couple of tickets to the next Cannibal Corpse tour.

If you would take the time to stop and listen to what older people are saying, you would know what to buy them for their birthday or Christmas. For example, we have told no less than six family members that our fishing rod was broken and it would be nice to have a new one. But nobody listened and we got a talking fish and a gift card to Applebee's instead.

If you will excuse us, but we are off to buy a fishing rod.