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Grab Your Walking Cane and Go for a Walk

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Just because you use a walking cane doesn't mean you should cut down on your daily walks. About 30 percent of Americans walk for exercise and with good reasons. Walking doesn't require expensive equipment or athletic skills and it offers a whole lot of health benefits.

But for some, these might not be enough reasons to venture outside for a stroll. For those of you who still need to be convinced to go for a walk, here are several good reasons for doing so.

Weight Management

If you want to stop gaining weight, and even lose a few pounds, your answer is as simple as going on regular walks. A Harvard study followed over 30,000 women for more than 13 years and discovered those who ate a sensible diet and walked for an hour a day were able to successfully maintain their weight.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

A walking routine is a great way to get that blood pressure under control. Studies show that walking is just as effective as jogging in lowering your risk of high blood pressure.

Protects Against Dementia

Walking improves blood flow to the brain and lowers the risk of vascular disease, which may help stave off dementia, the cognitive loss that often comes with old age. So walking helps you remember what you did and read.

Reduces Cancer Risk

Walking could reduce your risk of developing certain types of cancers. Research shows that women who walk at least 7 hours a week can reduce their chances of developing breast cancer by up to 14 percent. There are similar studies that show men who walk on a regular basis can reduce their chances of prostate cancer.

Control Diabetes

A brisk walk can help prevent the onset and help you manage diabetes. Studies show that even a small amount of weight loss can delay or prevent the onset of the disease.

Reduces Stress

Studies confirm that walking benefits your mood by releasing the natural happy drugs, the ones that reduce your stress, increase your self-esteem and keep you calm and collected.

Tones Up Your Body

Walking on a regular basis will tone up your calves, hamstrings and glutes. If you want to look good, going for a walk every day will certainly help.

Vitamin D

We all need to get outside as much as we can, and walking every day will do just that. Walking is the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine, the main source of vitamin D, and get that much-needed fresh air.

Time to Think

When you walk, your mind is racing along as fast as you are. And because walking is an endeavor that doesn't take great concentration, we can direct our attention on internal matters that need to be thought through. This is the perfect time to come up with a solution to a problem or other ideas.

If you don’t walk on a regular basis, perhaps now is a good time to start.