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Suspenders Pair Nicely With a Great Walking Cane

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There was once a time when only women had all the fun by accessorizing. For men, there weren’t a whole lot to add besides a dapper hat and stylish walking cane. But times have changed and now it is perfectly acceptable for men of all backgrounds to accessorize.

Of course, you will want a stunning cane to add to your collection, a nice hat will be needed as well. But beyond that, anything goes when men accessorize. Check it out.


Lumberjacks wear them and so does Santa Claus, in fact, your grandfather may very well have worn them as well. The fact is, suspenders are often thought as accessories only to be worn by old men and mythological characters. But if you are a fashion-forward, eccentric hipster, suspenders will add flair to your wardrobe without making you look like an elderly English bloke who just stepped out of a scene from Mary Poppins.

Deep down, every man dreams about what it would be like to lose the belt and embrace the braces. How does it feel to be a suspender guy? Pretty cool indeed. And just so you know, suspenders pair nicely with a great walking cane.

The Right Bag

Women carry around bags and men always seem to take note. So why is it then, most men still only carry around a small leather wallet in their back pocket? It’s hardly big enough to store the things you need.

Of course, the first step in owning a man bag is getting over the stigma many perceive by carrying a man bag You need to change that mindset and get into the habit of carrying a man bag by realizing that the right man bag will complete your outfit and make you look edgy and cool.


If all you wear are pullovers and rock band T-shirts, then there is obviously no need for cuff links. But if you dress like a real man, with a spiffy, button-up shirt, then cufflinks are a vital accessory.

Most men are under the impression that cufflinks are just for weddings and job interviews and otherwise make them look pompous and arrogant. The truth of the matter is that most women are obsessed with men in cufflinks because they perceive him as a man with class and style.

There are other reasons for men to wear cufflinks, but we think the one point will suffice.


Once upon a time, men’s watches were a necessity, something that men put on every morning before heading out. But thanks to smartphones, they have become seemingly obsolete if not dated.

There are many reasons why you should own a nice watch, but only one that stands out. Checking the time by lifting your arm and tilting your wrist is, like, James Bond cool. Checking the time by whipping out your iPhone from your back pocket is not cool.

If you don’t wear a watch, you are missing out on any number of opportunities to look suave.

No matter what you do with your iPhone, you will never look suave in the process.