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​Walking Sticks and Hiking Poles Aid in Winter Walking

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If you are in a part of the country where winter is currently holding its icy grip, you might not want to go on your daily walks or weekend hikes. In fact, nobody in their right mind would want to walk or hike in the winter.

Who are we kidding? There are plenty of troopers out there who mock the snow and cold and would never give up their daily walks or weekend hikes. Walking in the cold and snow of winter isn't that much different than walking and hiking in the warm months, except you wear more clothes.

Well, that isn't entirely true, there are ways in which you need to prepare yourself for a walk or a hike in the winter. The Walking Cane Store, your source of walking sticks, canes and hiking poles, offer you tips for a more comfortable winter walk or hike.


Plan Ahead

Winter walkers and hikers should have a close eye on the Weather Channel or the weather app on their smartphone. It is a good idea to check to see if any storms or other weather issues are on their way. A hike should be postponed if bad weather is imminent.

But also keep in mind that the weather can turn for the worse even if no storms are predicted. Ask anybody who has ventured out for a winter stroll in Colorado when the sun was out and temperatures are in the 50s, only to be stunned an hour later when the temperatures suddenly drop to the 20s and blizzard conditions exist.

The weather is unpredictable at times, so you should be prepared. If you are going for an extended hike, be sure to pack extra clothes and perhaps even a blanket and other survival items.

Bring Map and Compass

If you are just walking around your neighborhood, you can probably find your way home in the event of a snowstorm. But if you are on a hiking trail, these items are critical.

Snow could mean covered trails and lost hikers. This is why you need a map and compass and the knowledge of how to use them.


If you are hiking a mountain trail, you are probably using trekking poles. But even if you are taking a leisure stroll in the neighborhood, it’s a good idea to have a cane or other traction devices if it is slick out. After all, nobody wants to suffer a fall, even if it is in your driveway.

Hot Beverages

Bring along a thermos of hot chocolate, hot tea or hot coffee to quench your thirst and warm your belly while on your walk or hike. Modern thermoses can keep these tasty liquids hot for hours.

Find a Friend

If at all possible, take your walk or hike with a friend or family member. Not only will this allow an excellent opportunity for cheery banter, being with somebody else is safer.

If you are planning to walk or hike this winter, visit The Walking Cane Store for hiking sticks and hiking poles.

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