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​The Many Uses of a Walking Stick

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Walking sticks and hiking sticks from The Walking Cane Store come in all shapes and sizes. But no matter what type or style of walking stick you buy, it will be a valuable addition to your survival kit.

That’s right, a hiking stick is a crucial necessity when you are out on a hike. This is especially true if you will be hiking a trail that is seldom used. You see, there are several uses for a hiking stick in addition to helping you up that hill or for balance.

Qualities of a Good Walking Stick

The walking stick you choose should be light and strong. You might choose one that is foldable and made from aluminum or you might prefer one made from wood, like ash, walnut or hickory. It really doesn't matter the material, it’s a personal preference.

Weight is another factor to consider. Again, this is a judgment call based on your personal preference. But consider that the heavier the walking stick, the more likely you are to suffer fatigue from carrying it. But stronger hikers are better able to handle heavier walking sticks.

The thickness and length of the walking stick you choose are again personal preference. Go with what feels good in your hands. Just remember that a stick that is too short will make you lean and one that is too long can be cumbersome.

Here are the reasons why you want to carry a walking stick on your nature hikes.


Gauging Depth

When you come upon a river or a stream. It is important that you have a tool that can gauge depths as you cross it. A walking cane can catch dips in the river or stream that could cause you to fall. The same holds true when you are hiking in snow, a hiking stick will alert you to spots that could cause you to fall.

Clear a Path

If you like hiking off the beaten paths, a hiking stick is a great tool to clear branches, brush and leaves.


If you need to get something hanging in a tree or out of reach in the water, your walking stick can be used to extend your reach.


Whether you run into a would-be attacker with two legs or four legs, a walking stick can be used as a weapon. Even if there is no threat, you will feel a little more secure knowing you have something in your hand you can defend yourself with.


A walking stick makes a great support pole for an emergency shelter should you find yourself needing to spend the night in the great outdoors.


If you have some fishing line packed in your backpack, tie it to your walking stick and you have yourself a nice fishing pole. Now go out and catch some dinner.

If you think about it, the walking stick may have very well been the original multi-tool. If you are interested in a walking stick for your hiking adventures, find them at The Walking Cane Store. Order yours today!