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There are Plenty of Reasons to Buy a Pair of Hiking Sticks and Take Up Hiking

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We all know that hiking is good for you. Hiking is a great way to stay fit and it offers a long list of benefits including improved cardiorespiratory fitness, improved muscular fitness and it lowers the risk of high blood pressure and type two diabetes. But did you know that hiking also makes you a happier person? It makes you want to grab your hiking sticks and head to the trail right now.

Hikers battle blisters, bugs, and bruises all for the sake of overcoming a challenge and to spend some quality time with nature. Hikers are a different kind of breed and there is much they can teach us.

They are Creative

You don’t need caffeine to boost your brain, a hike will be quite sufficient. Research shows that spending time outdoors increases creative problem-solving skills and attention span by as much as 50 percent. We will repeat that for those who may have missed it because they have a short attention span. Research has shown that spending time outdoors increases creative problem-solving skills and attention span by as much as 50 percent.

Interacting with nature has measurable benefits and it has been proved that walking gets creative juices flowing far better than just sitting around.

They are Happier

According to studies, hiking as an additional therapy can help those who suffer from depression or have feelings of hopelessness. Hiking may even inspire people who are depressed to lead a more active lifestyle.

Even if you don't suffer from depression, hiking still offers plenty of mental benefits. Disconnecting from technology and being out in nature brings a sense of peace to those who suffer stress in their lives. And we all suffer from stress at some level. You can reach inner peace while taking a hike.

They get Healed

There is research that suggests hiking helps cancer patients recover. The study measured the oxidative stress rates of men with prostate cancer and women with breast cancer and discovered that long-distance hiking helped fight off disease.

They are Really Fit

Hiking is a great way to get fit and stay fit. Just one hour of hiking can burn over 500 calories, depending on the type of terrain you are on. Hiking is also a safe exercise as trails are softer than concrete so easier on the joints.

Hiking can also decrease blood pressure by as much as 10 points which goes a long way in reducing the danger of heart disease and stroke.

Hiking improves muscular fitness, making you stronger and increasing your stamina. And if you desire a toned body, regular hikes will get you there.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to buy a pair of hiking sticks and take up hiking. There is nothing more calming after a stressful day at work than a hike in which you and nature become one. And don’t forget all the physical benefits as well. In fact, hiking offers such great benefits, you should make it a family affair.