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Walking Canes That are Movie Inspired

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The greatest moment in the history of the walking cane may have occurred on the Senate floor in 1856, when House member and slavery advocate Preston Brooks beat Senator Charles Sumner unconscious with his cane. Of course, this is subjective as there are many instances over the course of history of canes being involved in famous events.

It could be instances like this that inspire movie and television writers to include walking cane moments into their works. While the idea of using a cane as a fashion accessory in a movie was popularized by Fred Astaire in a number of his films, nowadays characters don't use canes as fashion accessories so much; but they still manage to incorporate them as part of their character.

Let’s take a look at a few walking canes that are movie inspired.

The Wolfman

The Wolfman is a 2010 American horror film and remake of a film from 1941 of the same name starring the legendary Lon Chaney Jr. In this remake, the main character, played by Benicio Del Toro, sports a wooden cane with a metal wolf’s head at the tip. A chrome collar attaches the head to a black shaft.

It would be ironic, if not, perhaps poetic, if the wolf’s head was made of silver.

The Great Gatsby

In the 2013 adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, The Great Gatsby, Leonardo Dicaprio plays cane-carrying Jay Gatsby with panache. There are many iconic props that were made for this movie, but one of the most impressive is the silver-handled cane used by Dicaprio. Embedded in the cane handle is the monogram of a daisy, which represents the woman he loves and signifies his motivation for acquiring wealth.

Nanny McPhee

Nanny McPhee, brilliantly portrayed by Emma Thompson, uses a gnarled looking walking stick with magic powers.

The Lord of the Rings

Throughout The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the popular wizard character, known as Gandalf and played by Ian McKellen, carries a variety of canes, or staffs in the series. In The Fellowship of the Rings, Gandalf's staff holds a crystal in the handle.

Jurassic Park

The character John Hammond, played by Richard Attenborough, carries with him a cane with an egg-shaped amber piece in the top that contains a large mosquito.


In the 1986 film The Labyrinth, David Bowie plays the Goblin King, who wielded a very powerful codpiece but also had a pretty sweet walking cane. You can only see it a couple of times in the movie, but it was used so well it seemed to be a natural part of the costume.


Say what you will about Ben Affleck and his portrayal of Daredevil, but you have to admit the cane is pretty darn cool. Not only does it turn into a grappling hook, there are all sorts of trick buttons that bring it to life.

Batman Returns

In Batman Returns, the Penguin, played by Danny DeVito, has an umbrella cane that turns into a propeller so he can fly away.