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Walking Sticks are Invaluable

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Walking sticks do more than keep you balanced as you go on your nature hike, they greatly enhance your walking experience. When used properly, a walking stick aids in balance, reduces the stress on your joints and helps your body function more efficiently. It leaves you feeling better after a hike and makes the hike itself a more pleasurable venture.

Walking sticks come in all sizes and shapes, from fancy models to a large stick you pick up from the forest floor. But no matter where you get your walking stick, it is a valuable addition.

Choose Wisely

A walking stick might be made of wood or aluminum, but either material is both strong and lightweight. Many people prefer wood only because it makes sense to use this material while you are on a hike and one with nature.

Length and thickness are purely personal preference and you should go with what feels most comfortable to you. A strap attached to the top of the walking stick is nice because if can help relieve stress on your wrist. But again, it is personal preference.

Some might wonder why a walking stick is so important. Well, it’s because it offers so much more than just keeping your balance. Here are a few other reasons you should keep a good walking stick with you on your hikes.

Gauge Depth

When crossing a river or a stream, you can use your walking stick to gauge the depth of the water and discover things underwater that might cause you to stumble or fall. It does the same thing when there is snow on the ground.

Clearing a Path

With a walking stick in hand, you don’t have to duck under low branches or clear away spider webs with your face.


You can tie some fishing line and a hook on the end of your walking stick and use it as a fishing pole. This comes in handy should you get hungry on your nature hike and realize you forgot to pack the sandwiches.

Shelter Support

If you get stuck in a rainstorm or other adverse weather, you can use your walking stick as a support beam for your emergency shelter.


You never know what or who you might encounter on a nature hike. Certainly, a walking stick will help fend off any wildlife that might be aggressive towards you, but it will also serve as a weapon should you meet somebody who wishes to do you harm.


If that juicy apple is just out of your reach, use your walking stick and knock it down. If you drop your hat in the lake and it starts to float away, your walking stick is there to help.

Carry Gear

You can use a piece of cloth to ties to the end of your walking stick to help carry small gear. You can go on your hike hobo style.

As you can see, there are many uses for a walking stick, don't leave home with one!