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​Wooden Canes Make Great Gifts

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Buying Christmas gifts can be very tricky, especially if you don’t have the insight like Santa does and have no idea what some people like and don't like. Which is why more often than not, you wind up buying a gift for someone who had higher expectations of what they wanted to receive.

That is, you buy them a poor gift that falls flat on reception.

To avoid the embarrassment of giving a bad gift, well, you need to buy a decent gift. That’s quite obvious, but just how do you go about doing so?

Well, if the recipient has a little problem getting around due to age or an injury, you can not go wrong buying a wooden cane for them from The Walking Cane Store. Even if the recipient already has a cane, two canes are way better than one.

But if you need to find a gift other than a walking cane, here are a few gifts you should avoid at all costs.


Exercise Gear

We all have an acquaintance who is obsessed with fitness. Unfortunately, even these types of people are likely to think that receiving weights for Christmas is an indication they need to lose weight. You don't dare risk unintentionally insinuating that someone needs to lose weight.


Sure, you think that it would be pretty cool owning a bearded dragon lizard as a pet, but the person who you bought it for as a gift is horrified of anything with scales on four legs. Besides, the recipient can’t even keep their bathroom clean, much less keep a cage containing a live creature in good order.

Romance Novels

You may have enjoyed reading Fifty Shades of Grey, but that is something best kept to yourself.


Do you really think that the tacky magnets depicting the guards at the Buckingham Palace make good gifts? We know you are only gifting these because you want people to know you sent last year’s vacation overseas.

Seriously, are you going to throw in a commemorative Leaning Tower of Pisa pin as well?

Air Freshener

Giving a family member or friend an air freshener, no matter how fancy or expensive, is like saying, “Your house stinks, fix it.”

Chilled Wine

A bottle of wine is a gracious gift that is sure to please the recipient. But when you present them with a bottle of wine that is already chilled and ready to go, you are implying it should be opened right away and enjoyed by all.

Crock Pot

You might think that a slow cooker is a great gift. Giving somebody a slow cooker implies that they are such bad cooks that they need to toss random foods into a pot to make them edible. That’s just passive-aggressive.

A walking cane or walking stick is a great gift. The Walking Cane Store has hundreds of canes in many styles and materials, finding the perfect one is easy. Walking canes and walking sticks are wonderful functional gifts that any recipient will love. Shop now