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Can Canes be Custom Cut to my Height?

Can Canes be cut?  How much does it cost to custom cut a cane?

Yes, most wood & Lucite canes are standard 36 or 37" in length and can be cut to order.  Remember though, the canes can be cut shorter, but you can't "add" length once it's been cut. You may want to cut in 1/2" increments until you get the comfortable/correct size necessary.

We will cut be happy to custom cut canes at no cost for you, however, you must specify the "exact" length you wish and those canes cannot be returned.

If you ask us to cut the cane, we measure from the "very top" of the handle to the bottom of the rubber tip.   Please do not ask us to determine the cutting size by putting in the "height" of the person.  That doesn't always work!   Please measure accurately and insert that "exact length"  information when you check out of the shopping cart. (See our HOW TO MEASURE FOR LENGTH page for details.) When we cut a is cut to YOUR exact length entered on the checkout form.  Please note that custom cut canes are not returnable.

As for Aluminum canes, we can only cut a few of our styles.  Please call us if you need an Aluminum cane cut.

We cannot cut the folding Seat Canes.