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Which Handle is Right for Me?

Choosing the Right Handle 

The below suggestions in no way replaces your medical Doctors advice. Canes offer additional support and improve balance when walking. Canes, used as assistive devices, come in many colors, designs, and styles. Canes can be adjusted for height too to ensure a proper fit. You will wonder how you did without a cane for so long. Canes are not just for elderly people - canes are for anyone who needs a little extra sturdy support.


If you suffer from Arthritis, the Palm Grip handle is a good choice. This type of handle places the majority of pressure on the "palm" rather than fingers.   Also, the Anatomically Correct handle is also a good choice for it is specifically made for the "right" or the "left" hand.

  • The Derby handle is one of the most popular grips.  It is designed to be used by "either" hand.
  • The Fritz handle was designed by a 16th Century German for people suffering from Arthritis.  It is a smaller diameter handle than the Derby.
  • The Folding canes were truly an innovative idea for the walking cane industry. We now have folding canes that fold to a mere 8-1/2" called the Mini-Folding.
  • The Offset cane handles are also a great comfort for Arthritis users.  They come in a Foam or a soft cushion latex free grip.
  • The Crook or commonly known as the Tourist handle, is what we call an "up-side down J".  This is a popular handle for everyone as you have a firm handle surface as well as being able to "crook" it over your arm when you need to use both hands.