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Genuine Hazelwood Crook

Genuine Hazelwood Crook

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Hazelwood has long been a favorite wood to make staffs, from medieval self-defense to shepherd's crooks to everyday walking sticks. The pliancy of the hazel's wood was used to bend the stems into the required shape, though it was also customary to bend the hazel shoots when still on the tree to 'grow' the bend into a crook or walking stick. Hazelwood stakes bent to a U-shape were also used to hold down thatch on roofs. Our Genuine Hazelwood crook also features natural "knobs" where branches have been removed. Truly a unique and beautiful piece!

Max Cane Length: 36"

Designed to Assist Users up to 250 lbs.

  • SIZING NOTE: Resized canes cannot be returned.
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