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Lucite Crook Handle

Lucite Crook Handle

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This Tourist handled Lucite cane is absolutely extraordinary with its clear, glass-like exterior. Carrying a cane but don't want it to draw attention? This one's the perfect choice for you! In search of something special and unique? Look no further: This smooth, black-stained hardwood shaft cane features a 7/8" diameter and a rubber tip, offering great balance and stability. But don't forget - if you drop this cane, it can crack or break, so please handle it with care! We regret that we can't replace any canes damaged by dropping.

Max. Cane Length: 36"

Replacement Tip Size: 7/8"

Designed to Assist Users up to 200 lbs.

  • SIZING NOTE: Resized canes cannot be returned.
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